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The objective of both of our organizations are enlightening the elders about ‘Dharma Jagrati’ and through them educating the younger generation about the same. As rightly said the younger generation are upcoming ‘Sadgrahstaas’ and ‘Sadgrahinis’, it is very much important to inculcate in them the good practices which will shape their future. We the Dharmika Punaruthana Seva Mandali organise many religious camps and we encourage the children and the elders to participate in it. We neither accept any kind of monetary benefits nor we help any other organization, but we request you all to purchase the books, cassets, CDs & VCDs published by our organization and request you to encourage & support us in this endeavour of Dharma Prachar.
We pray Sri Hari-Guru for their blessings for our upcoming projects.

Chempi Ramachandra Ananth Bhat &
Kundapur Anand Subraya Bhat and Trust members.


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