Shri Venkataramana Temple located in an area called Vola-Lanke . The presiding Lord of this Temple Lord Ugra Narasimha is popularly known as Volalanke Ugra Narasimha or Volalankadisha. The Sthala Purana says that Lord Hanuman on his way back carrying the mountain of herbs mistook this beautiful locality for Lanka and started descending. But soon he realised that this is not Lanka and therefore at once ascended and resumed his journey calling this as Volalanke. The word Mulki is actually derived from Moolikapura.This place was quite famous for the herbs and roots of medicinal properties prompting people to name it Moolikapura. People say that a few herbs had fallen here in Mulki from the mountain of herbs that Hanuman was carrying and hence the herbs and medicinal plants grew here.


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