Sri Somanatha Someshwara Temple is located near Someshwar beach in Ullal, at a distance of about 13 kms from Mangalore. Because of this temple, this place is called as Someshwara. It is a beautiful Shiva Temple located near the sea shore. This is One of the most famous temples of Mangalore situated right at the sea shore with a wide beach view. Usually morning or evening time is good to visit the temple. One of the temple approaches has a staircase climb, one might have to look for the alternate approach to go up towards the other entrance to avoid the climb.The view from Temple is awesome.Tides are high most of the time, so avoid swimming here.The temple is not much crowded, It is a calm and peaceful place to enjoy with your family. There are huge rocks on the beach which is unlike other beaches which give a standout view for this place.

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